Jin Jiang Hotel, Qian 'an. ‖ Disease Control and Prevention. We are on the move


    Recent outbreaks of pneumonia with novel coronavirus infection have occurred in Wuhan and other regions. Academician Zhong Nanshan also mentioned explicitly that there is a human to human transmission of the novel coronavirus pneumonia. This outbreak is affecting everyone's heart. In this special period, the hotel as a place of customer service, do a good job related epidemic prevention work is particularly important. Qianan Jinjiang Hotel hereby promises: To ensure every guest and every employee's "peace of mind and safety" , disease control and prevention, WE ARE IN ACTION!

Qianan Jinjiang Hotel to deal with the new type of coronavirus pneumonia to provide related emergency protection policy 1, in order to meet the current epidemic control needs, Jinjiang website and various channels to implement the free cancellation policy. 2, the hotel carries on the omni-directional sterilization to the guest area, provides the safe and secure sojourn environment for the guest. 3. The hotel will keep a close eye on the health of its staff to ensure that all work areas are protected from possible infection. 4, the hotel will closely monitor the progress of the epidemic, timely response to the request of the relevant State Departments, if you feel unwell, please contact the hotel staff in a timely manner. We will do our best to provide service and support to ensure the safety of our guests. If you need any help, please call our customer service hotline at (315)7286666.

Contingency measures

for passenger area

● strengthen the management of the purchase of meat, seafood and poultry, and require the catering department to cook meat, eggs and poultry until they are fully cooked.

● The front desk is equipped with an inductive thermometer if a guest borrows it, strictly required to use alcohol cotton pad wipe back medicine box

● strictly implement cup disinfection and tableware disinfection, all guest goods one by one change and do a good job of guest room and floor ventilation

Kitchen staff and housekeeping staff must wear face masks and disposable gloves for operation.

Elevator buttons are sterilized several times a day.

Space spray is used to sterilize every passageway, entrance, guest room, dining room, garbage room and other areas of the hotel

Staff area contingency measures

Hotelfrontline staff must wear face masks to provide service to guests

Staff canteen all staff must wear masks and disposable gloves to work

● staff changing rooms, dormitories are always ventilated and clean

● each department regularly disinfects its own office area

● timely sharing of knowledge on epidemic situation and prevention

   Qianan Jinjiang Hotel pays tribute to the medical workers who are fighting in the front line, and will work hand in hand with all of us to tide over the difficulties, and will fully cooperate in the prevention and control of the epidemic to prevent the spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection.

Qianan Jinjiang Hotel to the frontline health care workers to pay tribute, will work with you to tide over the difficulties, will fully cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, prevention

Wearing a mask at all times can prevent the spread of new pneumonia

Surgical masks are just one of many nonwoven surgical masks that, like other nonwoven masks, look like this

But you should pay attention when you buy: not all nonwoven masks are medical surgical masks! The mask shown below should be selected.

How to wear a disposable mask correctly?

Disposable surgical mask is divided into inside and outside, lightcolored face has the function of moisture absorption, to stick to the face. Disposable Medical Mask wearing, to fully fold the page, the mouth, nose, jaw completely wrapped, and then press nose clip, so that the mask and face fully fit.

Warning Sign

Do not spread rumors, do not believe in rumors seriously do a good job of selfprotection, and actively improve their immunity!

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