Long awaited! Qianan Jinjiang HOTEL IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!


miss you

  During the epidemic, Qianan Jinjiang Hotel was designated as Qianan Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center, which took great social responsibility. Jinjiang people selfless dedication, supervision for the higher departments and Prevention and Control Command Center staff to provide a safe working environment to ensure the effective operation of the prevention and Control Command Center. With the weakening of the epidemic, Qianan Jinjiang Hotel gradually opened to the community, with more enthusiasm, back to work to resume production, for the community to provide safe and reliable services!

Spring breeze blowing,

wake up the earth is sleeping,

now is the spring unlimited,

in the spring, colorful, flowers in the melody,

whether you miss our delicious food

As the epidemic situation is getting better and better, Qianan Jinjiang Hotel, in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of the higher authorities, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures with 100% "heart" for your 100% "peace of mind" firmly build the health and safety line


A temperature measuring and sterilizing department is set up at the entrance of the lobby to record information for all staff and guests entering the hotel.

all staff and guests entering the hotel should wear masks;

there is an infrared thermometer, guide each incoming guest to have a temperature test, the guest whose temperature is over 37 degrees should register, the guest whose temperature is over 37.3 degrees should report to the prevention and control team and recommend to the hospital for treatment, each guest is required to fill in the "guest health registration form" ;

Food and beverage   Hotel in the spring, colorful, flowers in the melody, launched a dining hall, buffet and Hot Pot. Wait till you see it!

Points to note for special booking

1.out-of-town guests (in some cities) can enter the store with an electronic health certificate. 2. Book 50% as many people as the original rate -- 60%

Guest RoomQian 'an Jinjiang hotel thanks every customer for their cooperation and trust thank every partner in the post at this special time we work together to tide over the difficulties

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